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Newton, MA, United States
I am a student at Newton South High School, one of the richest, greediest, crook filled schools in the United States.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I live in a town where people wont admire your car unless it costs over $100,000. A town where you're poor if your house is worth less than $1 million, and where people rarely think of anybody but themselves. Most of them don't even realizine that they're doing it. Whether it's just following the newest trend, or drooling over your neighbors 70 something inch TV. I admit it, I do all of this myself. The thing is, unlike many others, I like to step back and observe our ridiculous life styles. Specifically, all of the crazy, pointless rules that make up our society. Anyways, back to my pathetic self centered town. Imagine a glass box. Now replace the glass with two way mirrors facing inwards. Our town resides in this box. Sadly our privileged lives go by so quickly that we hardly ever take time out to think about what it's outside of our materialistic lives. *Sigh* I just don't know. Let me return to my video game loving, new cellphone wanting, materialistic self.


  1. following. I like the whole expose' theme here.

  2. wow u do hate ur town, just like me :\

  3. Followed.

    I dont hate where I live but it is boring. Anyway yeah there always people like that even in poor places. They just think they are better then you for any reason and omst the time they dont know they are doing it. Its fucking annoying.